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Debowler Ashtray On sale
Plastic Debowler Ashtray Handy ashtray designed as a tool for cleaning bowls and gear quickly and easily, the Debowler uses its pointed... Full details

Debowler Ashtray

Regular price $5.45

Rick & Morty Dirty Ridin' Shatterproof Glass Ashtray
Sold Out
Rick & Morty Dirty Ridin' Blazin' Ashtray  Dimensions - 4.25" x 4.25" Made from high quality tempered shatter resistant glass. Full details

R&M Shatterproof Glass Ashtray

Regular price $15.95

Glass Rasta Ashtray all 5 ashtrays designs
Save $3
$11.99 $8.99
Hemp Collection Rasta Ashtray Amazing Painted Glass Ashtray. Five great designs to choose from. You will love the dense glass and designs! ... Full details

Hemp Collection Glass Rasta Ashtray

Regular price $11.99 Sale price $8.99

Ash catcher 18 mm On sale
Ash catcher 18 mm On sale

Ash Catcher 18 Mm

Regular price $21.95

Bee line organic wick 200 ft. Spool On sale
Coming in at 200 feet from the #1 hemp wick company, this wick is a welcome addition to any smoke kit for... Full details

Bee Line Organic Wick 200 Ft. Spool

Regular price $20.89

Set of 2 Filter Tips – All Size Pack On sale
It cools off the smoke It prevents throat burns It blocks hot resin and tar It is a perfect roach clip Prevents... Full details

Set of 2 Filter Tips – All Size Pack

Regular price $21.99

Afghan Hemp Matchbox On sale
This is the all new Afghan Hemp matchbox, we incorporated matches into this pack of cones so whether you have a lighter... Full details

Afghan Hemp Matchbox

Regular price $14.29

Smell-proof backpack (secret On sale
The Smokeyz Smell Proof Backpack is the perfect backpack for those who enjoy life on-the-go. The backpack has multiple pockets, allowing you... Full details

Smell-proof Backpack (secret

Regular price $71.50

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