Glass Hand Pipes

Spiral Glass Hand Pipe in Blue Red Yellow
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A lot of good things come in spiral designs like screws, soft serve ice cream, and water slides. All of the previously... Full details

Spiral Glass Hand Pipe

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Conch Shell Pipe On sale
Beautifully designed in the shape of a conch shell, this hand pipe is constructed with high-quality maroon-colored borosilicate glass. A great conversation... Full details

Conch Shell Pipe

Regular price $27.49

Horned Rasta Striped Spoon On sale

Horned Rasta Striped Spoon

Regular price $30.79

Electric Fumed Spoon On sale
Electric Fumed Spoon On sale
5" In Length Weight: 145g (May Vary) Electric Inside Swirl Rosed Gold Fumed Body Side Bead Side Carb Round Mouth Full details

Electric Fumed Spoon

Regular price $34.09

Cubic Glass Spoon On sale
4.5 Long Flat Square Design  Full details

Cubic Glass Spoon

Regular price $16.49

Blue Fritz Glass Spoon On sale
This glass bowl spoon pipe contains a full-body of blue fritted colors made from fumed glass that when smoke goes through, the... Full details

Blue Fritz Glass Spoon

Regular price $39.59

Fume Shaped One Hitter On sale
Pyrex color changing effect different Shapes 0.9 oz Full details

Fume Shaped One Hitter

Regular price $19.79+

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